How is Drifting judged ?


Each event consists of a scheduled number of two-day meets or Championship “Rounds” in which drivers compete in a single              elimination bracket of “head-to-head” match-ups. Drivers first           qualify individually to ascertain where they will be positioned into a bracket that then determines the “head-to-head” match-ups.

Head-to-head runs are judged and based on a number of                   pre-determined criteria with the winner moving into the next level of the bracket. Points and standings are awarded based on finishing rank and cumulative season points will determine the championship order.

The criteria for judging are as follows:

The drift line is defined as the ideal path a vehicle must take on course and is marked by inner clipping points and outer clipping zones. The exact line of each track will be dictated by the judges at each trackMG_8539
The maximum drift angle at which a driver can maintain and control his/her vehicle throughout the marked course.
Style is probably the most subjective part of the drivers’ runs. Style is just what it sounds like: The drivers’ overall ability to take the            specific judging criteria and display it is the most personal and             individual way. That is the essence of style.  Aggressive flicks,                  closeness to walls, extreme angle, degree of difficulty, fluidity and extreme proximity to the lead vehicle (in case of head-to-head          competitions) would be examples of how personal driving style can be showcased.



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